How To Play

1) First you must create an account and login code.

2) Feel free to browse any of the fantastic prizes, once you know which one you like to enter- click on that prize.

3) Decide how many tickets you would like to purchase depending on your budget.

4) Each ticket will be a combination of an Alphabet and a number. Unlike other competition websites This method gives a complete random selection and allow a thorough mix in the machine. 

5) Answer the multiple-choice question- This will require a level of skill/judgement.

6) Make payment by following the instructions.

7) You will receive an email to confirm payment, if your answer is correct your ticket details will be sent. If your answer is wrong- you will receive an email letting you know this, and your tickets will be available for purchase back on the website automatically.

8) Keep updated by following the social media pages and website. Sign up to the newsletter for new competitions and draws.

When will the winner be picked and how will I know?

We will draw the winner by way of two separate draw machines, machine 1 (Alphabet machine) will draw the Alphabet balls. Machine 2 (Number machine) will draw the numerical ball. The combination of the two will be the winning ticket.

Once all the tickets have been sold, or as per terms and conditions the deadline for the competition ends, we will notify when the draw will take place. The draw will be done Live on social media, and remain in our website and social media for all to view. 

When will the winner receive the prize?

We will notify the name of the winner on social media sites and our websites and other forms of media. We will make every attempt to contact the winner and arrange a suitable date and time for both parties. We will attempt to deliver most prizes in person and take a short video and photos for our social media/website and other media. All deliveries are free of charge and for UK delivery & entries only.

For the winner: - We look forward to presenting you your Amazing prize. 😊


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Wheel Spin It Ltd trading as Wheel Spin It Competitions - Comp Reg. No 11815777


Wheel Spin It Ltd trading as Wheel Spin It Competitions - Comp Reg. No 11815777