Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who is wheel spin it competitions and what do they do? 

Wheel spin it competitions is a trading name for wheel spin it Ltd. We are a new competitions-based company based in Southampton Hampshire. We want to offer something different exciting and competitive, Dream cars-Dream Motorbikes-Fantastic Tech-Luxury watches-Cash prizes-Holidays and much more. What makes us unique is that We will offer a more random method of drawing the tickets. We also have a keen interest in being involved with amazing charities who we will regularly make donations to. So please remember that part of the money you spend on our site goes to amazing charities. Our donations will be regularly updated on our website and social media. 

2) Can anyone play?

Yes, as long as you live in UK and are 18 years of age or over. (as per the terms and conditions)

3) Why are there 2 machines?

This is so that we offer the most random method of drawing the winning ticket, there will be less balls involved in the draw process, this will give the balls a greater chance of mixing thoroughly for each combination.

4) Why is there an age restriction?

We feel as a company it is our responsibility to restrict anyone younger than 18 to play.

5) How do I participate?


6) How many tickets can I purchase at once?

You can buy maximum of 25 tickets in one transaction, however there may be smaller or specific prizes where we may have to restrict the number of tickets anyone can buy as a total for that prize. This will be noted for the specific competition.

7) What is the probability of winning?

The probability will depend on the number of tickets available for a specific prize, say there are 1000 tickets for a car prize- the probability of you winning from 1 ticket is 1 in 1000, or if there is a limited ticket prize of 100 tickets and you bought 1 ticket, the probability will be 1 in 100.

8) What happens if all tickets are not sold before the deadline?

The system will automatically extend the competition by 7 days, if they are still not sold, the system will extend by a further 7 days and in total 4 extensions will apply. If then at the end they are still not sold out, we will offer a cash alternative as per terms and conditions.

9) When will the winner be notified and how long will it take to deliver the item or items?

We will make every attempt to make contact with the winner as soon as the draw is done live on social media. The item or items will be delivered within 7 working days at a date and time suitable for both parties

10) How will we communicate?

We will make contact to winners by telephone, social media, messenger and email and in person. 

11) What if I don’t win?

We want customers to have fun and play responsibly, you can enter again for another competition if you so wish, or alternatively if you feel necessary you may click in the opt out section where you can close/freeze your account. 

12) Can I pick my prize up?

No, we will post the item for free if it is a small prize, or bring it in person if it’s a car or bike.

13) What if the drawing machine doesn’t work?

In the worst-case scenario we will use google random generator to choose the winner. This will be done live on social media for clarity of the draw being done.

14) If I have purchased tickets, will I get a receipt?

Yes, we will send you confirmation back by email of your purchase, and details of your entry if you have successfully answered the question or not, if you have answered correctly you will get an email detailing your ticket number/s. if you have not received a confirmation please email us.

15) What do I do if there is a problem with my payment?

You should receive a confirmation of a receipt and tickets details. If you have not received them, please contact us via email.

16) What is the refund policy?

As per terms and conditions we cannot offer a refund, however in exceptional circumstances where wheel spin it competitions is negligent- the management’s decision will apply, and we will fulfil this as per terms and conditions. 

17) Can I purchase tickets for someone else?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this business, we cannot accept entries made for someone else. This is due to Various factors like data protection, payment method and contact details.

18) How can I make contact with someone?

First point of contact is via the messenger service on Facebook, we will reply as quickly as possible and update you on queries. You can also contact us by email and lastly there is a telephone number should you need to speak to someone. All details are in the contacts section of the website and social media. 

19) Can I make suggestions?

Yes, we really look forward to feedback and any suggestions on improving our website or service, we would welcome Suggestions on prizes you may like to be put up on a competition, other channels you may like to share to help sell tickets sooner etc. This will help us improve our service and offering to our customers.

20) How can I make a compliant?

Please contact us via email. 

21) Do you buy cars or bikes from individuals/other trade to put up as a prize?

Yes, we may consider buying from an individual or other trader, if the condition is exceptional and the price is very acceptable for us, we may be interested. However, we prefer to buy from our dealer sources for reassurance. 

22) Will there be a discount available?

Yes, from time to time we will offer a discount code and will share this on social media and the website. 

23) What is “Play Responsibly Have Fun”?

We want customers to have fun and play only what they can afford to play. If you like a prize on offer play sensibly. We want as many people to enjoy and have a chance to win something of their dreams. 

24) Which charities do you support?

We are passionate about funding charities; The Mind charity and the Brain Tumour trust is something we hold to our hearts. However, we would always take on suggestions to fund other charities. Keep updated on our website and social media about our charity donations.

25) Question: How can I enter the free entry method?

Please refer to T&C’S (6.6).


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Wheel Spin It Ltd trading as Wheel Spin It Competitions - Comp Reg. No 11815777


Wheel Spin It Ltd trading as Wheel Spin It Competitions - Comp Reg. No 11815777