Lamborghini Wine Twin Set!!

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Lamborghini Trescone: This red IGT Umbria was named for a traditional dance performed during the harvest. It is our youthful wine and is produced in Umbria, in the Trasimeno lake area, from Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

Lamborghini Era: a Sangiovese IGT from Umbria, represents our interpretation of the most popular vine of the Trasimeno area and has been produced in 2007 for the first time. Its name has been inspired by mountain Era, which overlooks the vineyards and the estate.

Lamborghini Red: A vibrant, intense interpretation of the Umbria region, this red combines mouth-pleasing floral notes with flavours of stone fruits and a pleasing minerality.

Lamborghini White:  It was created to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of the Estate. Bright pale yellow, the nose is elegant and rich with notes of flowers. The palate is full, pleasant and persistent.

Includes 2 custom Lamborghini crystal glasses


A fresh, sparkling wine, Lamborghini: Oro Vino Spumante is a chardonnay-dominant blend of selected vintages. Its subtlety and elegance make it the perfect choice for any occasion. Sophisticated and layered, Lamborghini sets the benchmark for Italian sparkling wines.

Made with Pinot Chardonnay Brut grapes obtained with the Martinotti Lungo method.


Pleasant hints of almonds, citrus fruits and typical floral references - instantly shines. The wine breathes, revealing it’s freshness sip of both soft and dry, with a delicate velvety perception.



1x Lamborghini Trescone

1x Lamborghini Era

1x Lamborghini Red

1x Lamborghini White

1x Wine Gift Case

1x Oro Vino Spumante Gift Set (Includes 2x Custom Lamborghini Crystal Glasses

£1.99 an Entry

400 Entries Only

10 letters on the alphabet

A – J on the Alphabet & 40 numbers per letter

Free delivery to the winner

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Should the tickets not sell out; the competition will be extended to a further seven days and repeat itself up to five times at a total of thirty-five days. If all the tickets do not sell after maximum total extensions, a cash alternative of 70% of the ticket sales will be won by the winner.


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Wheel Spin It Ltd trading as Wheel Spin It Competitions - Comp Reg. No 11815777